Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

I know, I know, fathers day was yesterday! I just want to make sure you all you Fathers out there in Internet land had a great fathers day. I was blessed to be able to spend fathers day with my father, my family, and my church family. It was an amazing day.

My Father has been the number one influence in my life. I often ask myself this question "What Would My Dad Do In This Situation?" If you got to know him, it wouldn't take very long to discover that he has answers for everything, and they actually produce good results. As a kid I used to hate it when he would quote scripture for the situation we were discussing, but now I find myself studying the scripture he quoted, and I am finally gaining revelation as to what he was talking about.

So To Every Father Out There, "You Are Making A Difference In The Lives Of Your Children, Wife, and Your Friends. Stay True To The Honor Of Being A Father!

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