Saturday, April 9, 2011

30 Days To Live Part 2

Brief Humorous Story - a man was given six months to live. Upon the hearing of this news he asked the doctor if there was anything that could be done medically to extend his time. The doctor replied “ no, but I would suggest this – move your mother in law in your house to live with you” – puzzled by this reply he asked the doctor “will this make me better? - the doctor replied “no but I promise you it will be the longest six months of your life“

30 Days To Live is more of a reminder to do the important things in life on a daily basis. I think every day goes by so fast and we sometimes forget what is important. Here are a couple of things I think are awesome to keep in mind on a daily basis.

#1 Help Others Who Are Experiencing Your Same Struggle. If you found out that you had 30 days to live, wouldn't you find yourself helping anybody with whatever issue they were facing? We always think we need to have it all figured out before we help, but what I find is when I help someone who has a similar issue as to what I am facing, it actually helps me through my struggle as well.

#2 Help Others By Giving Your Support. Have you ever had someone unload their life junk on you and while they are talking you are completely overwhelmed, you can’t believe what you are hearing, you know that you have absolutely no answer, and when they are done talking you know you are going to give them that embarrassing blank stare? Here’s the good news, you don’t always have to have an answer. Sometimes the best statement you can make is, “I have absolutely no idea what you are going through, but I’m standing with you. You don’t have to do this by yourself.”

#3 Help Others By Leading Them Toward Stability. Peoples lives are always being moved, and changed, and frustration can take over really quickly. When they lay their heads on the pillow at night they find themselves begging for stability.
I think we can lead others towards stability by saying, “Even though the whole world is changing, Jesus is the same and he cares deeply for you!

Hebrews 13:8 (NIV)
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

#4 People Need Significance. There is a pastor that I watch a couple of times a year on TV, and every time I have watched him he has said this phrase, “There’s A Champion Inside Of you.” I won’t watch him for like 3 months and I turn him on and there it is again, “There’s A Champion Inside Of You.”

People just need to hear that from time to time. If I found out that I had 30 days to live, I would become the Significance Cheer Leader. “You… Are… Significant…” “Who Rocks The World, You Rock The World.” Your Significant… You’re You’re Significant…
S I G N I F I C A N T.”

There ya have it. A Couple of things we can start to do today.

Monday, April 4, 2011

30 Days To Live

This weekend I have been thinking "What If I Found Out I Had 30 Days To Live?" Powerful thought isn't it? I think there would be some changes I would make. For instance, if I had 30 days to live I would most likely spend a whole lot more time with my family istead of using phrases like; "yes, let's do that in a little while," or "I'll be able to play with you in a little bit." If I had 30 days to live I would spend longer nights talking with my wife at night before I go to bed, and maybe even watch her as she sleeps. If I had 30 days to live I would most likely say no to some things that are a waste of time. All in all, I look at this concept and I am hit by the thought that we spend alot of time doing things we really don't need to do, and we miss out on the good things in life. What if you had 30 days to live? Would there be any changes you make?