Monday, July 30, 2007

"Watch Your Mouth"

This last Sunday we Continued on the series "Watch Your Mouth." It is all about raising encouragement and lowering critisizm and gossip. I am a firm believer that critisizm and gossip runs rampid in our communities. If we can become people who eliminate our own critisizms and gossip levels, we will be able to demonstrate a different kind of people who are trustworthy and dependable. Now that to me sounds pretty exciting. Remember to glance at your bracelet before you speak, try to keep that thing on your right wrist as long as possible! God Bless

Friday, July 27, 2007


Well it's all done... The last day of Rock House VBS and we are going to miss all the kids that came out and experienced a VBS like no other. We are so excited about all the things that happened over the last weak. People laughing people jumping and people not wanting the week to end. These kids were such a blessing, all the smiles and passion that they showed us over the last week was priceless. We are in the process of planning some larger events quarterly for the kids of our community. Stay in prayer as we move forward with the children ministries and anticipate amazing things to happen in their lives!! We are going to miss all those kids this next week, but we are excited to see what the future is going to bring.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Today was Day 4 of The ROCK HOUSE Vacation Bible School. I have been consistantly updating you on how things are going, today I am excited to say that TODAY WAS AMAZING! We had 108 kids!!! Praise God!! This week really goes to show that God loves to use peopel to reach other people. What an honor it is to be used by the almighty God!! And what an honor it is to watch as these little kids gain excitement and enthusiasm for Jesus Christ! Thank you to all of the people who have given their time to making this years ROCK HOUSE a HUGE SUCCESS!! God Bless & Get Excited for One More Day With These KIDS!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I know that I say this alot, but I am going to keep saying it, "TODAY WAS AWESOME!" We are in the third day of THE ROCK HOUSE, "Supernatural God" and let me tell you the Kids get more excited every day. I wish that we could have it every day for them. There is nothing greater than watching Children get excited about Jesus Christ. Today we spoke on Jesus healing the blind man by spitting in His hands and rubbing mud on the blind mans eyes. The kids were laughing so hard because Pastor Tim took mud (brown plato) and rubbed it onto my eyes. I was led over to a garbage can where I fell in head first with my legs straight up into the air flailing like a drowning man! They are loving our illustrated messages!!

Another exciting tool we used today was a 100 foot slip n slide that was drenched with water and soap. We had the kids go the slip n slide on tubes!! It was so fun because it was down hill and they flew so fast!! Again, their faces were priceless!!

Let's keep the children of our community in our prayers!! They are so precious and have so much to offer this world. I can't help but think these kids really could change the world and do things for God that only we could dream of. They are passionate and fun loving, and I believe that with those two traits they will excel and move forward if we are willing to invest our lives into them.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


WOW!! If you have never seen Kids Jumping All Around, Running Like Crazy People, and Screaming At The Top Of Their Lungs, You Are Missing Out!! We are in day 2 of our Rockhouse Vacation Bible School. Today was Crazy!!! 75 Kids Showed up on our second day!! That is Phenomenal!! Today I talked about Jesus feeding the 4,000. The Kids faces lit up when they saw the basket that had only a few pieces of bread in it all of the sudden fill up!!! I love to watch as creative minds come together and find a way to immulate what Jesus' Miracles may have actually looked like. We have been so blessed to have people who are willing to brainstorm and make this RockHouse the best it has ever been. With a theme like "Supernatural" It has required many hours, so I want to say thank you for all of you who have helped us, You are TRUELY AMAZING!! We have 3 days left, so make sure to tune into the blog as we keep you updated!!


Monday, July 23, 2007


Today was our first day of VBS For 2007, and let me tell ya, it was absolutely incredible. We had 60 kids registered and more on the way. This years theme is "Supernatural God!" Pastor Tim Wilson started off the week with the teaching "Jesus Turned Water Into Juice!" He did a phenomonal job. The Kids were amazed when the water actually turned into Grape Juice. The day was opened with some great praise and worship, and was closed in the same way. The Kids were jumping all over the room. I am excited to see what the rest of the week is going to bring. Stay tuned into the blog to get the latest Info God Bless!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Go The Extra Smile & Give Props

Over the past two weeks we have been talking about "Go The Extra Smile" & "Giving PROPS"

This series of messages has been interesting because as you put it to the test in every day life you will find how "Going The Extra Smile" will light up a room, and giving encouragement (PROPS) will bring hope to those around you, and place you in a position of making a difference in their lives.

I think it's amazing that these two simple principles will actually re - define our days, and bring alot more substance to our lives. Let's make sure that we pick a few days where we put "Going The Extra Smile" & "Giving Props" to the test. Watch as people gravitate towards you and don't forget to enjoy making a difference in our community.