Friday, March 27, 2009

Direct Obedience

I was reading a great story in the bible about Abraham. In Genesis chapter 12 God told Abraham that he was going to be a great nation. Abraham was a man that God blessed in a huge way. The interesting thing is that Abraham had another deep desire in his heart, and that was to have a son. I would think being told by God that I was going to be made into a great nation and I will be blessed and He will make my name great would be enough to keep me stoked for a lifetime. But Abraham wanted a son. So at the age of 100 years old Abraham had his son. But wait! Go to Genesis chapter 22! God asked Abraham to take his son and sacrifice him! That's insane! God asked Abraham to sacrifice his deepest desire, his great dream.

I love this next passage of scripture. Genesis 22:3 "Early the next morning Abraham got up and saddled his donkey." No questions asked, Abraham immediately obeyed God. You find later in the reading that God spared Abraham's son.

So let's get to the point. Sometimes there is a time to put your dream and deepest desire on the alter before GOD to see what He wants to do with it. Maybe it is His desire to see your obedience, and open you up for an amazing blessing. Maybe in your act of obedience your dream will be one step closer to becoming a reality. I know that it is worth placing it on the alter before God, so give it a try...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Internet Silence

Many people have wondered why in the world I have not been online for quite a while, so you get to hear the answer. Isn't that awesome?? Ok, so there have been a ton of changes in life, and sometimes I think that if you're not careful, change can really take a toll on your brain. So I have spent many hours in prayer and seeking God for guidance. He has definitely been helping my thoughts stay focused, and for that I am grateful. This is a really weird season of life for me. I am seeing the true colors of many people, and for lack of a better word, WOW. So as you read this, just remember that during uncertain times in life, keep your prayer life strong. Don't shrink back, but prayerfully seek God in the decisions that you make. They might be the toughest decisions of your life, but God is faithful! Thanks for listening to my ramblings!!