Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CityPoint Church's First Preview Service!

We had our first Monthly Preview Service Sunday May 16th! I have to brag on it just a little bit because I had such a fun day. We arrived for set up bright and early 7am! The 30,000 watt sound system was already being unloaded into the Sauk Rapids/Rice Middle School.

Around 8am our inflatable for CityKids (our kids ministry)arrived, and we hauled it into the middle school commons. As it was blowing up I thought we were going to have to raise the roof off the school just to get it to fit, but all stress was relieved when it fit perfect! When the kids entered the area, a smile instantly showed up on their faces. It Was Awesome!

At 9am 30 volunteers showed up! This was AMAZING! The best part was, they were smiling and stoked to help welcome people as they arrived to check out CityPoint for the very first time. Now all we needed was for people to actually show up. AND THEY DID!

At 10am people were actually walking in! I was so excited! Being with every person there was an incredible blessing! It was so awesome to meet people from the community and the surrounding area. I was able to catch up with some old friends, meet incredible new people, and also be surrounded by family, and a team of people who are dedicated to Consistently and Intentionally helping people Find and Follow Jesus Christ in Simple and Practical ways. Here is just a glimpse, I will be posting more updates and pictures as they come available! Thank You To Everyone Who Helped, Prayed, and Attended!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I just read the latest MSN post in regards to Tiger Woods. Here are some of the quotes that were included in the post. "He was so great, we bought it." "Golf needed Tiger more than Tiger needed golf." "He had a monopoly on greatness." I started to look at all these statements, and even though Tiger is still alive, these quotes are all in past tense. As if he is not to be counted any longer. In fact this next quote included in the MSN post kind of surprised me. "This past weekend we saw greatness, but not from Tiger, the cad missed the cut and I was glad." I do not consider myself a Tiger Woods fan at all. However I am a fan of people. This post about Tiger insinuates that he has been counted out, and almost borders on the line of "Tiger Is Forgotten." I have done a ton of things wrong in life, and it may come as a shock to some of you critics, but I will make more mistakes, but I am thankful that God has not forgotten about me. I want to encourage those of you who feel like you have been forgotten. My heart bleeds for you at this moment, and I want to let you know that God Thinks About You Daily! Who gives a rip about the critics that try to make you feel like you have been counted out, know today that you are still in the game, and another opportunity will show up. God Bless You Guys!