Monday, July 12, 2010

July 11th Preview Service

We were so blessed on Sunday July 11th 2010. I never, ever want to forget the journey that God has us on at this point in our lives. People have been so incredibly patient, and kind, I can't express my gratitude. On Sunday we talked about "Walking 10 Miles In Someone Else's Shoes" Check out this quick blooper real taken from the 10 mile walk:

4 things to remember as you consider walking a mile in someone else's shoes, here they are -

1. Walking Our Own Shoes Is Comfortable, and we love comfort!

2. Walking in someone else's shoes means that we sacrifice our comfort for someone else's discomfort.

3. Help By Gaining Perspective! When we gain perspective, we understand someone else's situation with clarity. There is no more room for Scepticism, Speculation, or being Judgemental

4. Walking in someone else's shoes is a Heavy Honor. When you intentionally choose to walk in someone else's shoes you will most likely feel a Spiritual Heaviness, Mental Heaviness, or Physical Heaviness.