Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ahhh I Am Parched!

So, I was driving down the road the other day with a friend. He looked at me and this is what he said: "Dude we should get some water, I'm parched." It's so funny how the most common phrases can trigger a thought that flys at you from left field. Here is thought that hit me. How spiritually parched am I? If I have not been drinking soul water, that explains why I feel so spiritually de - hydrated. I can take this a step further and say, maybe that is why my soul stinks sometimes. I have developed a spiritual case of cottonmouth, and it is giving off a nasty odor to God, Family, Friends, and to the world. So, how did I quench my spiritually parched soul? Today, I have taken a little time to read some scripture, and meditate on how God is so good and full of Amazing Grace. Take a little Time Today and quench your thirst!

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