Monday, January 11, 2010

A Thought From Kevin

Tuck in your shirt! Take off your hat! Clean up your language! Stop running with that crowd! Don't come back until you look better! These are such uplifting statements aren't they? This blog could potentially tick off some of you reading this, but I write this with a very humble heart, and deepest conviction. I think that the church is often know for what we are against instead of what we stand for. This potentially turns people away from actually giving Jesus an opportunity to be apart of their daily living. John 3:16 contain the words "WHOSOEVER believes Him." I know that this is a no brainer, but that covers every single person on the face of the planet, it is not reserved for a certain people group. (thank God) 2 Corinthians 12:9 contain the words "my GRACE is sufficient for you." Who's grace? GODS GRACE! Here is the point, we as human beings need to consistently remind ourselves that God's Grace looks a whole lot different than the grace we as people give each other. So if you are reading this, and you have been turned off by "church people" because of man made grace, and hurtful phrases, I want to apologize on behalf of the church. God's Grace is all you need. If you are one that abuses the grace of God and condenses it into man made phrases, please repent, and begin to let people experience the true grace of God. Our sole purpose is to intentionally lead people closer to Jesus.


Anonymous said...

Right on!

Scott Braaten said...

You are 100% on par here. It is easy to believe that as a church we are past these things but the sad reality is that we are not. Thank you for being a man who is willing to speak truth and confront the issues of the church body.