Monday, December 28, 2009

Ichabod or Emmanuel?

In just a few short days we are going to be entering a brand new Decade! Can you believe that 10 years has already blown by? Over the last ten years here is what I have done with the time God blessed me with -

Started a Church
Got married
Had Children
Met amazing people
Led 100's of teenagers to Christ
Led the best youth church of the decade
And gained 40 pounds!

Now that was a great decade! But all of that is in the past and a brand new decade is arriving! So with that I want to say, Don't let the next Decade be labeled an Ichabod Decade! The bible defines the name Ichabod as "The Glory Has Departed!" That's a terrible name to label the next decade of life. Don't live life like the Glory Has Departed, how depressing! Rather, let's look at the name we will give this next Decade.

Emmanuel! Or, "God With Us!" If God is with us, then the next Decade of Family, Life and Ministry are going to be better than expected. Yes, we will encounter tough situations, but that's just life. Live this next Decade with and Emmanuel mindset. God is with us. I look forward to hearing what God is doing in and through you over this next amazing decade!

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