Friday, January 9, 2009

Turbulent Experiences

We all go through Turbulent Experiences in our lives.

Loss of a loved one
Loss of a child
Loss of a job
Feeling overwhelmed by loneliness
Feeling like we don't measure up
A failed marriage
A friend who bailed out

Whatever the case is, we all eventually face something that beats us up a little bit, or rips hope from our hearts. Instead of giving up and losing all hope, take these moments and give them to God as an opportunity for your faith to grow more than ever before! Is it fun going through Turbulent times? NOT AT ALL! But we will, and when we do our response still needs to set us up for an infiltration of hope. I believe that some of the greatest opportunities are born out of turbulent times. You see life differently and in those moments something small but priceless may be revealed.

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Anonymous said...

i just want you to know that i just read this blog n absolutely love it ! It has helped me look at Josh n I's dispute a little bit differently! Thanks !