Friday, January 2, 2009

Freeing Entanglement

Everyday life can be feel like what some of our junk drawers look like. Do you have a drawer in your house that you only keep chords in? You know the old car phone adapters, car phone chargers, or small extension chords? When you pull out one chord they are often tangled around another chord, and instead of pulling out one chord, the whole drawer comes with. Usually, unless you are a very "special" person, you begin to feel the heat on your face as you become frustrated.

Everyday life can feel like an entangled mess. The demands of the world can be consuming. I know we are supposed to do all our work "as to the Lord" (Ephesians 6:7-8) but if we are honest, sometimes it's tough to keep one eye on heaven when it seems we always need both eyes on earth. So here comes the good news - When we are patient and begin to untangle one chord at a time, we eventually work our way out of entanglement. This is a freeing feeling. Remember to be patient and untangle one chord at a time this year.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the insight Kevin!! =)