Thursday, January 8, 2009

Avoid Drifting

Today about 1:00pm I was driving through Wahoo Nebraska, ok, get it out of your system and repeat "Wahoo" in your head again. Funny name, I know. I was hit with an interesting thought.

Have you ever been in a boat fishing, or just parked in the middle of the Ocean, Lake, or River, getting your tan on? The boat will actually move on it's own if the engine is off. How does this happen? It's called "DRIFTING." There are so many times I believe that we begin to drift in our spiritual lives, home lives, and school lives. We just shut off our engines, (our core values, our goals, our common sense, our beliefs) and just drift. Drifting is dangerous in the sense that it often leads to an undesired location. Undesired locations produce undesired results. This year set some locations, and develop some routes for your life that are solid, no drifting! Do whatever it takes to keep your engine on, and stay the course. Everyone will arrive somewhere in life, but not everyone will arrives somewhere on purpose. Avoid Drifting, set your route, and arrive on purpose.


Piper Eliszewski said...

Your right kevin, even thought i've only been in a boat once, your still right. it does drift alot. The thing that im going to put down firm and stay there is our friendship, and God in my life. Before last year i didn't really believe in it and stuff like that, but after i started going to this youth group, i realized what i had been missing out on. I dont want to miss out on love, fun, and amazing times. so I'm staying in youth group, staying friends with you, and im gonna try to be the best person i can be to everyone. Even if that means bending over a little to help someone out. Thank you so much for helping me see what i wasn't able to grasp. =] ILY!

Scott Braaten said...

Great post bro. Not fare off from what i posted earlier today! Keep it up you never fail to inspire..