Monday, August 16, 2010

A Blog By Steven Furtick (It's Great!)

Yesterday I wrapped up a four-week series on Romans 8 called “Christ Alone.” Going into the weekend I had three different sermons prepared. When you’re covering the greatest chapter in the Bible in just four weeks, it can be hard to know where to land.

I ended up focusing on the phrase, “more than conquerors” and what it means to be a super conqueror. A more than a conqueror through Christ, rather than just a mere conqueror.

More than anything, I wanted to communicate the truth that if you’re more than conqueror, you achieve the victory in the opposition. Not just over it. You’re victorious in the midst of your circumstances, struggles, and opposition. Not necessarily when you escape them.

I know that sounds good, but I think the reason many Christians never graduate to being a super conqueror is their fear of the danger and opposition that lies in the middle of a battle. There’s a tendency in us to think we’re safer when we face no opposition. Or when we’re in no danger. And therefore we run from them at all costs. Fear, rather than faith, becomes our controlling mechanism.

But this misses the point that God provides security and protection in direct proportion to the danger we’re in and the opposition we’re facing. In God’s economy, it’s when we’re facing our greatest opposition and danger that we’re also the safest. Not from them. But in them.

In the Bible, the greatest instances of God’s protection directly coincide with the greatest moments of danger and opposition for God’s people.

God parts the Red Sea. Because the Egyptian army is about to annihilate the Israelites.
God shuts the mouths of lions. Because Daniel is thrown into a lions den.

I think many of us want a front row seat to God’s miracles without a front row seat to the danger and opposition that coincides with the need for the miracle in the first place. But this isn’t how it works. The people who get to experience the power of God are those who are actually in need of seeing that power manifested on their behalf. And it’s for this very reason that these people have less to fear than those in seemingly safer circumstances.

The Israelites didn’t have to fear the Egyptians because God was fighting for them.
Daniel didn’t have to fear the lions because God was with him.
You don’t have to fear whatever you’re facing because the same God is with you and fighting for you.

The greater the danger you’re in, the greater security God will provide. The greater the opposition against us, the greater the opportunity for God to fight for us. And allow us to be super conquerors through Him.