Friday, August 13, 2010

Start Your Genesis

"Genesis" has always been a name I have been fond of. Here's the reason why; the word Genesis means "New Beginnings." I love that! There are 4 time during the year I press the reset button on my life and evaluate things. We are entering one of those seasons right now. FALL is a great time to push "reset" on your life and start a "new beginning." It doesn't matter how good or bad your summer went start a new beginning right now. Push reset on your life and start your Genesis this fall. I pray that God Blesses You In Amazing Ways Today And Through This Season!

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kyle eden said...

Pastor Kevin Wilson,

my name is kyle! fist and for most! I have read through your blog and enjoyed the topics that you have talked about! But the reason i am commenting is to see if I could get some information about where you got your "something new is RISING UP" logo/ banner I have an idea of my own for my generation to take its place and "RISE UP" to to the challenge to be more like Christ. This idea coming from mark that we should "Love our neighbor as our self." So please e-mail me at I would LOVE to ask you some questions about where you found your logo and other things along those lines.
In His grip
kyle eden