Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Worth Reading

Wow!!! Feels great to have a moment to write again! There has been so many awesome things going on that it would take a long time to update on all that has happened over the last month, but the biggest thing is the launching of CITYPOINT CHURCH. We have had such an incredible time since our very first preview service. I wanted to take a minute and give a quick spill on one of my favorite talks we have done at CITYPOINT. Here are five things I think we can work on if we call ourselves Christ followers.

1. We Need To Learn To Listen Better. Talk Less. Keep your opinions silent. Everyone has an opinion, but it doesn't mean all opinions are meant to be spoken.

2. Don’t Label. Using terms to put people into boxes is generally offensive to people. We are all people, let’s stop making neat little categories for each other.

3. Don’t Be So Smart. No body loves a know it all. These people personally drive me nuts. Don’t pretend to have all the answers. If you are not sure, just say so. We have a saying around here “We don’t have all the answers, but we believe in a God who does.

4. Put Yourself In Other Peoples Shoes. People generally just want other people to understand what they have gone through. This allows for a better connection point.

5. Fight The Three Second Rule. Within 3 seconds people form their first impressions and don't give a fare chance to get to know the person who we are looking at.


The Writers Blog said...

Yes it's 'worth reading' but use your spell check please ... it's distracting ... and if you're presenting the Word from your point of view (and you are) don't be afraid of being literate.

Lance said...

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