Monday, November 23, 2009

Does Size Matter? Blog Post By Craig Groeschel

I Read This On Craig Groeschel's Blog & Wanted To Share It With All You!!

I love small businesses. Four years ago, I bought my only television from a local, small business. They delivered it, set it up, and called a week later to see how I liked it. Great service.

I decided to get a second television so I could watch the Superbowl while my kids watched “18 Kids and Counting” or whatever they’ll be watching. So I went back to the small business. The sales guy remembered me and showed me four different televisions that might work. He quoted me a price. I decided to compare prices and went to a mega-store. The salesman showed me probably 40 different options, all priced considerably less than the smaller store. My heart was with the small business.

But I bought from the big business…

Why? They had more options and better prices.

In a multi-site church, you can worship with a smaller group of people at your campus. You can be deeply involved with Christ in your specific community. At the same time, you can experience the options and excellence of the large church.
This certainly isn’t the only or best means of doing ministry, but we have found it effective to minister to those God has sent and reach more along with way.

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