Friday, November 13, 2009

Church Planting

I know there are a ton of pastors out there right now thinking about starting a church. This excites me. I have been researching church starts, how to start a church, successful church starts, and all kinds of other resources on starting a church, and I have to be honest with you for a second, it can be somewhat overwhelming. There can be this feeling that creeps in that causes you to think, "Am I Able To Start A Church?" "Will Anyone Really Attend?" "Does This Specific Community Need Another Church?" And I am sure that many of you out there have many other questions that bombard your thoughts as you think about starting a church. Here is the question that tops all the other question for me as I get ready to leap into the unknown, "What If My Church Doesn't Become As Successful As Some Of The Churches I Have Read About?"

Don't Allow That Question To Paralyze You! Starting a church is all about reaching people for Jesus Christ! Yes, there have been some churches out there that have grown fast, and that might happen to you! I get stoked as I follow those pastors and see what God is doing through those Churches, but the thing that gets me even more excited is seeing what God is going to do through your church start! Your church hasn't hit the community yet, that means that anything is possible! If you reach 1 person, was it worth the start? If you reach 3 was it worth the start? If you reach 10,000 on any given weekend was it worth the start? The answer to this is obviously YES! I am right now working through this process myself, so stay with me over the next couple of months and let's start some churches together! I look forward to hearing what God does through your church start! Don't back down! Stay the course you believe God has put you on!

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