Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hasty Decisions STOP!

I watched an awesome video by Wayne Cordeiro. He is the pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship in Oahu Hawaii. He talked about the importance of making major life choices during the stable times in life. He went on to explain how we should write those choices down. I really appreciated how he brought this simple truth back to the table. How many times do we jump into "major life changing choice mode" when our lives experience a major storm? This is not the time to make choices! Making major life choices during the storms of life are often Hasty Decisions. Hasty Decisions lead to an unsure result. Unsure results lead to second guessing. Second Guessing leads to regret. So, the purpose of the blog is to bring the simple truth back to the table. STOP, & don't make life choices when you feel your world is crashing down on you!

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Bailey May said...

Hey Kev, so I found this church that I love going to now but you sir are some one I will never forget, when you speak, sometimes it's like hearing things for the first time. Your an awesome worker of God, and you really get through to us kids so keep it up because you rock! It feels like He's speaking right to me when I read what you write or listen to your sermons. Thank you