Monday, May 5, 2008

The Day Off

So my family and I took today and dedicated it as a compete day off. We started off by waking up (obviously) and then proceeding down the road to monticello to deposit my check. Is it me or are the gas prices just robbing us of pay checks?? Then after that we went to Home Depot. The lights in my bathroom have been burnt out for a month, and we were all getting a little tired of not being able to see when we did our hair or brushed our teeth. Not to mention it is really tough to shave in the dark, thus, my ugly face. Anyways after that we went albertville and let the kids play in the Burger King Play Land. Kaden not a fan. Ethan Big Fan! Then we shopped until our kids fell over and came home. I played war outside for like 2 hours. Wow what an awesome day it was. Now it's off to some brainstorming and relaxation. So thanks for reading and I hope that your day was as awesome as mine. Later


Trenton said...

I slept in and skiped school, if that counts as a day off. hahaha. But i have a excuse for that, i shot volleyball all day yesterday and my knees and back were killing me, lol.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the fun day babe!!

Anonymous said...

i hung out with the folks from out of town weird not seeing them in many many yrs..... u missed some cake sunday. ahwell. I had fun turning the big 30! shhh dont tell no one. LOL- peace, NA