Friday, May 23, 2008

Inward Joy

So a couple of days ago I took my family to the Mall of America. It was awesome. My two boys, Ethan (6) and Kaden (4) are at the age now where they can enjoy the rides and all the attractions of Nickelodeon World. It was hilarious to watch them drive the bumper cars. They would drive around bump into each other, laugh until they almost cried, and when the ride came to a finish they would run around and get in line again. I watched this happen 15 times in a row. We would make the rounds, but always ended up back at the bumper cars. The coolest thing about the whole trip was the Joy that our family had just being together and taking time to really not do a whole lot but hang out. Priorities are one of life's great battles. I will tell you one thing I know first hand, "When your priorities are correct, life just keeps getting more fun." Maybe today is time to take a look at some priorities in your own life and either pat yourself on the back, or take time to re - prioritize some things.

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Anonymous said...

About a week before I started coming to genesis I had a serious turning point in my life. I began realizing that I was worried and upset about all the wrong things and I should have been appreciating all of the amazing things in my life. Once I came to genesis with bri I was renewed after my realization. Your words showed me the brightest side of life. God and all his glories he wants to share with us. I have reprioritized my life and know where I need to stand even if I am still a little blind to what I am really on this earth for. I know I will find it and god will reveal it to me when I am supposed to know. I pray that I can see it when it does. Thank you so much for your words and love for everyone. You are an inspiration.
Thank You
Alisyn Studeman