Monday, April 7, 2008

Our Purpose Requires A Response

William Marsten, a prominent psychologist, asked 3000 people, "What do you have to live for?" A full 94 percent responded that they had no definitive purpose for their lives. Sadly, Marsten's survey proves that so many people live what Thoreau called "lives of quiet desperation" - enduring, waiting, wondering what their lives are all about, hoping their purpose will suddenly become clear to them in a divinely inspired moment. Meanwhile, they simply survive, mechanically going through the motions of living without ever experiencing the spark of aliveness! They grow cold, begging to lose color, and slowly fade away. They watch their dreams slip through their fingers and become increasingly fearful that life will completely fizzle out before they experience any true joy or deep sense of purpose. God has set us up for success; our role is to respond.


Praise Him said...

I did a bible study called the purpose driven life! It was pretty good althought I did not agree with everything.Lifes purpose is to serve the lord!

Naomi said...

im responding is Jesus listening?