Thursday, January 31, 2008


The average person lives 40 million minutes. They spend 1.5 million minutes in the bathroom, roughly 1 million minutes on the phone, but just 300,000 minutes with God. How often do we convince ourselves that something can wait because, "I've got time"? Others of us wonder "if only I had more time." We spend more time figuring out what time it is or how to manage our time than we do trying to leverage the time we have. We have missed the true value of time. The value God places on our time. What would it look like to leverage our time in a way that would honor God? If need be, take the time and RE - PURPOSE the day.

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Bailey May said...

That's crazy. You'd think we'd spend more time with Him then that, but Haley and I were watching Left Behind. There were lots of people left and we thought that was wierd too. I guess it's sort of the same.