Friday, January 25, 2008

The Great Gamble

MOST OF US WANT TO LIVE LIVES OF PURPOSE. We want to give ourselves to a worthy cause. But years of bombardment by the message of a self serving culture have confused us. Indulge Yourself. Fulfill Your Desires. Satiate Your Appetites. Pursue Plesure.
It's All About You. The thought that I have for the day is what would happen if we decided that we took 2008 and used it as a year to grab the servants cloth, drape it over our arms, and serve others with joy and gladness? Think about it, maybe risk it a little, and give it a shot.


Praise Him said...

I just wanted to say Thank you and that you did a great job last night! you are very inspiring

Anonymous said...

I agree! Gotta put something down to pick something up. Be the servant before you can be the saint.