Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Church Life Part 2

Church Life can be summed up in two words "It's Awesome!" In order to capture the kind of energy Church Life Produces, we must understand there are some things Jesus never wants us to say, EVER! Check This Out -

Jesus never said:

"I Can't" or "I Won't"

"I'm Too Tired" or "I Don't Get Paid To.."

"It Doesn't Really Matter"

"Ask Me Next Month" or "Ask ME Next Year"

"I Worked All Week" or "It's Just Too Early To Get Up"

"I Quit!"

Thank God Jesus NEVER said, "Now that's just asking WAY TOO MUCH." So why do we as His Church, allow some of these phrases to be Barriers, or Busters, that keep us from the energy Church Life produces? Church Life Is Awesome, so get these words and phrases out of your vocabulary before it's too late.

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