Friday, April 24, 2009

The "What IF" Challenge

This week in prayer the same phrase kept coming to mind, "What If?"

"What If Every Day That We Woke Up We Thanked God For Another Day?"
"What If Every Conversation We Had Inspired Others To Seek The Face Of God?"
"What If Every Thing We Listened To Was Uplifting And Praise Worthy?"
"What If Every Time We Spotted A Need, We Met That Need?"
"What If We Slowed Down And Listened To What People Are Really Saying?"
"What If We Filled Our Minds With Scripture Every Morning?"

"What If" is such a small statement, but I can't get away from the power that rests in this little phrase. This week I am going to take the "What If" challenge and do some of the things mentioned above. There are other "What If" statements that you may be thinking of right now. Join with me on the "What If" challenge. Do it for a week and comment back on what happened during the course of the week. I believe that together we will catch a glimpse of the power of God and be inspired to live a life above and beyond what we could have ever thought or imagined. God Bless And Enjoy The Challenge!

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