Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ahh! What To Do!

Have you ever felt like your resources are limited and drying up? If this is happening to you right now I have a new view that you are going to want to ponder.

If you open your bible to 1 Kings 17, there is a great story about a prophet named Elijah. Ok, check this out; this is the very first time Elijah shows up in the bible, and his mission from God is to go to King Ahab, and tell him that there will be no rain in the land because of Ahabs obsession to worship a false god named Baal. This led the nation of Israel into idolatry.

So God sends Elijah to an awesome place called the Kerith Ravine! This is where God would take care of Elijah, and he would be able to eat steak and bread, and drink water from the brook. Elijah had it made! But the Brook Dried Up! Why? Cause there was no water. There was no water because Elijah obeyed God and told King Ahab there would be no more water in the land. So you would think that Elijah would not have this problem of a dried up brook because he was simply obeying God. Well, this is where the story gets good. In the second half of 1 Kings 17 we learn that God moved Elijah from the Kerith Ravine to a poor widows home. She and her child were going to die because of no food, but Elijah obeyed God and went to this widows home. It was there that Elijah learned there was a greater purpose and moving from the Kerith Ravine to the widows home was the best thing that could happen. The widow was blessed by God through an infinite supply of food, and the widows son became ill and died, but wait!! Who was there to help? Elijah! He prayed over her son and raised him from the dead! That Is Awesome!

What would have happened if God had not dried up the resource in the Kerith Ravine? Elijah may never have gone to the widows home. See! God has a greater purpose for us in life. We don't understand why our resources dry up sometimes, but praise God for greater purpose. Think about where your life is right now? Does it feel like your "brook" is drying up? Maybe God wants to move you to a different place to do greater things.


RRodriguez said...

Hi pastor Wilkinson, My name is Ronal and i am from latinamerica, i want to tell you that i follow your blog from a few times but your blog is blessing to me, i have one blog but is in spanish, god bless you, and go ahead

Pastor Kevin Wilson said...

RRodriguez I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you this year! Thank you so much for following and reading the words that come throug prayer and seeking the face of God. God Bless!!