Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jayci Grace Wilson

Alright blogger land, I have some awesome news that I am totally stoked to share with you!!! MY LITTLE GIRL IS HERE!!!! It is an unbelievable awesome new season in the Wilson household. As a Daddy I can say the old saying "A Little Girl Will Change Everything" is absolutely 100% true. Life is viewed from a completely different angle. Looking at her sends out this "Protection Factor" that I really can't explain. Is it Love? Is it Great Joy? Is it Unbridled Affection? Is it Deep Connection? Is it Stoked Protection? I don't really know. I think they all can be included in the feelings I have shooting through my rib cage. I am going to be do a whole lot more journaling and blogging updating you on how I disect these amazing feelings.

Well here she is!!

Jayci Baby 1

Jayci Baby 2

Jayci Baby 3

Jayci & Ethan

Jayci & Kaden

Hope You Enjoyed!!!


Alyssa Hinchcliff said...

Kevin she is adorable and SO tiny! I can't help but smile when I see the pic of her on that pink thing, she looks so little! Ethan's face in the one of him holding her is just like "yeah this is MY little sister" and Kaden looks like he's about to cry[idk if thats of joy cuz he's finally a big brother or sadness cuz he's not the baby anymore] Anyway she's adorable! Congrats to you and the rest of the family! I hope Annie's recovering quickly!

Pennie said...

She's beautiful, Kevin!! Your entire family is AWESOME!!