Friday, August 1, 2008

A New Month = Fresh Start

So now you all get to get a sneak peak into my thought process, but only for a brief moment.

This morning I woke up, and went to the gas station to pick up my morning coffee. I put the moon roof back in my car, turned up the tunes, and paused when I stopped at the first stop sign. It was an awesome feeling. The wind was coming into the car just right; It was so refreshing. I continued down the road and meditated on how awesome it felt to have that refreshing breeze flowing through my vehicle.

It is August first, this means that it is the brand new beginning of a brand new month. Maybe last month was not real good for you, or maybe last month was absolutely phenomenal. My thoughts today are "Enjoy The Brand New Month." Make every day this month be a day of refreshing. Take it day by day, but make them refreshing days. Don't settle for having a bad month, be refreshed, and feel the awesome breeze life has to offer.

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