Monday, August 25, 2008

Gotta Love Preachin!

This month has been an amazing month! I think everyone of us feels the excitement when things begin to take off in our lives. There is one place the credit should go when this happens in our lives, It All Goes To Jesus Christ! It is truly awesome to know that He is rooting us on and proud of us when we take our victories and give them back to Him. Stay excited about what God is doing in your life. When things are taking off in your life give the glory to Jesus Christ. Let Him know how exciting it is to be here on this planet serving an amazing Creator! Check out the glimpse of how great God has been this summer. I Love Preaching!

Chef Boy Let's See Big

Chef Boy Let's See "Ready To Smash"

Chef Boy Let's See "Prep'n The Illustration"

Chef Boy Let's See "And The Smash"

Contents Under Pressure @ Genesis

Contents Under Pressure @ Genesis Again


Anonymous said...

I'm so luck.. I kissed that girl and I liked it!!

Kalee said...

These pictures are amazing. I wish you were my youth pastor! Move to Morris? Yes.