Monday, October 1, 2007

A Place To Give

Wow what a great Concept! The Church being a place to give! We have had many monumental people throught history demonstrate Giving -

Martin Luther King Jr - Giving his TIME to ending racial segregation, and he became the most influential leader of the American Civil Rights Movement

John Templeton - Founder of the John Templeton Foundation grants more 60 million dollars a year for research into the sciences and religioin. Time magazine placed him in their top 12 "Power Givers."

Paul the Apostle - gave his TALENT for making tents and was able to support himself as he started churches and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the land.

JESUS CHRIST! - Gave his life so that we all could experience freedom from sin and in turn give our TIME, TALENTS, and TITHE toward the advancement of the Truth in God's Word.

Let's make sure that we take our TIME, take our TALENTS, and TAKE our giving to another level this year. I believe that if we remain open, God will use us for things that go beyond our own thinking.

John 9:4 Says - "As long as it is day, we must do the work of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work." (NIV)

Let's use day to take those opportunities to GIVE of our TIME, TALENTS, and TITHE (Financial Giving).

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Trenton said...

"I believe that if we remain open, God will use us for things that go beyond our own thinking."

I like that Kevin. Shutting out things such as your life and problems from others will only bring you down in life, and you will never be happy. That is why i share my life to let people know whats up and where I have been and what stupid things i have done. I like where i am now and where i am going and striving to be. But i am still in need of much improvement believe you me.

Love ya dude.