Thursday, September 6, 2007

What a week it has been. The theme this week for my life has been "keep going" "press on," and "persevere!!" These statements are statements that give us hope when we are running low. They give us commitment when we want to begin to bail, and they give us reality of life that sometimes we try to ignore. I want to thank all of you who keep these statements at the top of your memory bank on a consistant basis. You are my hero's of the week!! God Bless all of ya!


-Trenton said...

Press on Kevin.

Praying for you.

...I wish I had the courage to buy 24 double cheeseburgers and go to a skate park and talk about Jesus while giving them out. You RoCK!

angelina said...

It's funny how if we keep words like that to keep reminding us to keep going even when we don't really want to! Love ya BRO!