Tuesday, July 24, 2007


WOW!! If you have never seen Kids Jumping All Around, Running Like Crazy People, and Screaming At The Top Of Their Lungs, You Are Missing Out!! We are in day 2 of our Rockhouse Vacation Bible School. Today was Crazy!!! 75 Kids Showed up on our second day!! That is Phenomenal!! Today I talked about Jesus feeding the 4,000. The Kids faces lit up when they saw the basket that had only a few pieces of bread in it all of the sudden fill up!!! I love to watch as creative minds come together and find a way to immulate what Jesus' Miracles may have actually looked like. We have been so blessed to have people who are willing to brainstorm and make this RockHouse the best it has ever been. With a theme like "Supernatural" It has required many hours, so I want to say thank you for all of you who have helped us, You are TRUELY AMAZING!! We have 3 days left, so make sure to tune into the blog as we keep you updated!!


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Trenton said...

haha, Abreadcrum and Fish! Matthew 15:36-38