Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I know that I say this alot, but I am going to keep saying it, "TODAY WAS AWESOME!" We are in the third day of THE ROCK HOUSE, "Supernatural God" and let me tell you the Kids get more excited every day. I wish that we could have it every day for them. There is nothing greater than watching Children get excited about Jesus Christ. Today we spoke on Jesus healing the blind man by spitting in His hands and rubbing mud on the blind mans eyes. The kids were laughing so hard because Pastor Tim took mud (brown plato) and rubbed it onto my eyes. I was led over to a garbage can where I fell in head first with my legs straight up into the air flailing like a drowning man! They are loving our illustrated messages!!

Another exciting tool we used today was a 100 foot slip n slide that was drenched with water and soap. We had the kids go the slip n slide on tubes!! It was so fun because it was down hill and they flew so fast!! Again, their faces were priceless!!

Let's keep the children of our community in our prayers!! They are so precious and have so much to offer this world. I can't help but think these kids really could change the world and do things for God that only we could dream of. They are passionate and fun loving, and I believe that with those two traits they will excel and move forward if we are willing to invest our lives into them.

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Pastor Kristi Tart said...

Loving the new blogs :) I love them so much I set it up for myself!!! :)

ROCKHOUSE is, well, rockin'! I got chills today watching the kids shout out God's promises.

Thanks for all your hard work - everybody!!!