Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Almost Minor Addiction

This is no secret to my friends who live around me, but to the rest of you that I am not able see at least once a year, I want to let you in on a minor addiction of mine. That's funny, I can tell that you are hooked now! I happen to have a bit of a passion for xbox live. It all started with Call Of Duty Black Ops. I vowed I would never play first person shooter games, but Black Ops was extremely theraputic. Ok, that's a little over exagerated, but I spent a ton of time honing my trigger pulling, and grenade tossing skillz. I thought I would never spend that much time with a TV and Controller ever again! I thought I was freed from stayihg up late and talking with people all over the world. I thought I was actually going to be able to sleep without seeing crosshairs in my dreams. How could I have overlooked the fact that we live in a world that is constantly competing for a better online gaming experience? When I started to see the advertisments and trailers for Modern Warfare 3I knew I was doomed! I knew The late nights and crosshair dreams were going to strike with a vicious force all over again. And trust me, they have! Once again I find myself spending time in front of my TV holding a Wireless Controller, and strapping on my Headset so I can communicate with the voices on xbox live. With 2012 only 6 weeks away I have a new goal that these theraputic, (ha ha), games have taught me. My goal is to spend more time with my bible, alone in a room, strapping on a headset to hear the voice of God. 2012 starts NOW for me. I strongly desire to hone my faith so I can toss strong words that will impact people for the greater good. When I fall asleep I want to dream of how blessed we can be when we spend time intentionally getting to know God. Let's gear up for a year where our focus is on HIM!


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Kristen said...

In bible study a couple weeks ago with our youth group, the question was raised... "are you living on the edge?" Meaning, am I merely a step away from living of the world rather than just in it? Am I testing the waters to see how far I can go and still call myself a Christian? For almost two years now I have felt like God is working really hard on me and in my life. Every sermon, or lesson, or bible study, it's as if He is speaking right to me. And although this can be scary at times, it's quite exciting. I feel Him speaking to me rather intensely at times. So I have put a sign on the wall at work, and a reminder in my phone with the question, "am I living on the edge?" Or am I fully engolfed in God and what He wants for me and of me? Am I living an intentional life?" It's so easy to step over that line and have a moment of failure. It's so easy to join the world instead of setting an example of Christ for them. I want to live an intetional life. I've started 2012 early as well, why wait to live intetionally for Him when I can start now?

Thank you for your willingness to share! I look forward to more of your journey!

Kevin said...

Hey Kristen, I just wanted to say that I am proud of you. It's exciting that God is at work in your life! Thank you for sharing. said...

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