Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Boldness

Today I realized just how intimidating it is sometimes to have an idea and try to contact people that have "Rockstar Status" to find answers. There are people on tv, radio, and the internet that we all watch and think to ourselves, "I wish I could just talk to that person and ask them a few questions on how they got started.." The challenge I want to pose today is, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOOSE? GO FOR IT! Make the call and see what happens. If the person doesn't want to talk to you, you'll find out, but what if they do? What if you end up having the best conversation of your life? What if you find the answers you have been looking for? What if it leads you onto a path that you have been looking for? What if you have the biggest breakthrough of your life? If you ask me it is worth breaking through the intimidation, making the call, and see what comes to pass. Don't allow intimidation to keep you from potentially leading you toward the largest breakthrough of your life.

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