Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This Is Worth Your Time!

I like this,

Loving, beautiful, challenging, misunderstood, giving, lazy, authoritative, caring, understanding, honorable, respectful at times, stressed at times, cautious, introverted one minute and extroverted the next, prayerful, grateful, needy, taker, skeletons in the closet, stories to tell, aged like a fine wine, blessed, cheerful, spirit-filled, defender of the Faith, Christian Man, these words run the gamut don’t they? I am wondering if you can figure out who I am talking about today? I will let you think about for a minute. Still not sure? Well, I am talking about She. Still confused?That’s right, she! No No No, not my wife, even though I thought of her when I came up with the descriptive words for she. Let me give you another clue, Jesus is talking to Peter in Matthew 16:18 and Jesus says, “and on this rock I will build her, and the gates of hell will not prevail against her.”(*Sidenote question: What did Jesus call Peter?) One of the words I did not use up at the top to describe she would be mysterious. Think about it. From thousands of years ago, through oppression, depression, inquisition, and even through some of our present day Christian cable TV. She has survived. She is global, she is universal, she is expanding and she is indestructible. She is a power that cannot seem to be matched. No worldly ruler will ever be able to bring her down. When she is on, she is on. And when she is off, it seems like no one wants to be around her. She upsets or offends people. She can have a loud opinionated mouth. Or she can have the loving soul of a mother for her new born baby. And this time of year she loves her newborn. She was created to serve, to connect people to God, to let others see there is a way that is beyond human invention.You and I in 2008 need to work on loving her just a little bit more. Care for her just a little bit more. We need to strengthen her just a little bit more. Bring her closer to God just a little bit more. She is the church.

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